Velvets are a true versatile charm. No wonder, their fashion never tends to recede and is always enjoyed  by the populace. It’s pleasing texture and cozy fiber makes it more appealing to people for trying it at  least once! 

Velvets come in various colors but darker ones make them more approaching and heavenly and  specifically when it comes to Red, every one wants to have it flash on them. 

The bright and bold color prettifies everything and is quite embellishing, getting any one extremely  enthusiastic. Wherever it adds to, makes up the surroundings more jovial and lively! And when it comes  to clothing, that too velvets, alas tedious vibes, you no longer have a room here! 

Here’s yet another look-serving clothing item from the series, The Undoing, The Grace Sachs Red Velvet  Coat perfect for this weather. 


It quite undoubtedly, implies that velvets have their own unique elegance to make people go nuts  about it. It’s eccentric shine, gets any hand on to it as a piece of cake. This is so guaranteed you will too,  get yours on this work of art! 

There is some vivid yet obscure sheen and uniqueness about velvets that works like magic, they get you  all crazy about them that you are bound to own them for once!  

You have made it this far, the hypnosis of this velvet will make you read further!


We can totally assure you that this coat will, without skepticism, will just be adequate; generating  possessive vibes. Not only because of its unsurpassed quality but also because it was worn by Nicole  Kidman, one of the greatest stars who has excellent dexterities! 

This coat could work with almost any style you wish to disguise in, anywhere you wish to wear this,  except for formal dressing. This coat will play both cards , to keep you warm and snuggly and also the  queer elegance does everything! 

Well now you know, how to become a star! Just add this coat to your wardrobe and make it one of the  essentials!



There are countless traits about velvet. The biggest of them all is that it’s very plushy and warm to wear  and feels good, no displeasure, elasticity is also good, and its color is fade resistant. It is also anti-heat  which makes it perfect for winter. It is also luxurious to looks. It is also repellant to wrinkles. 

There is so much to add to the vocabulary when it comes to talking about velvet, it is so good that is  bound to be appreciated! 


These crisp winters and snowfalls, festivals and events, blankets and nuts, movies and warm cozy  atmospheres nearby fireplaces, aah! Definitely sounds too pleasing.  

With this pleasure comes the greatest of all pleasures, the clothes that you put on during this weather!  Definitely not less layered, you don’t want to get frozen! And the color, something that puts us into  action and gets you all kinetic instead of getting languorous. 

Well now we have a perfect combo here, winters and Red! Oh my, what a serve!


Red is an energizing color, and something that adds ‘life’, it is the color that has passion, an unseen  gusto, an emotion that can’t be unpurged, it is a repression that is embedded with all of us.  

Nothing can beat Red, it is the color of love, so definitely, the GRACE SACHS RED VEVLET COAT will be  loved by the masses!  

The color that is quite iconic, bold, and attractive, Red is color of blood, a life force! I hope by now you  are quite convinced about Red!  


That sure sounds pretty ridiculous but believe me! This coat totally will abide by the heading! As for  winters, they are getting chiller and piercing every year and you’ll need something way warmer to keep  you from cold.  

This is the perfect clothing anyone could own, velvet is just too miraculous, and that too when dyed a  charismatic dye, there you go!  

Let me ascertain you, it will keep you just as warm and prevent you from freezing in this frosty weather,  but; we got no warranty that it’s not likely to get the crowd all frozen! It’s exquisite to the extent, it’ll  shoot everyone down!


This work of art is definitely worth owning and flaunting! People become their own designer when it  comes to styling things, but there is still a pinch of doubt that remains!  

Worry less, we got the right set ready for you! You could spice things up by adding the following to your  style! It’s just an idea after all! 

A set of ideas: 

Stripped white and black shirt 

Cropped blue pants  

Beige taupe boots 

Grace Sachs Red Velvet Coat 


Tote bag 


This Grace Sachs Red Velvet Coat is made with a true desire, a passion, an unconditional love for velvet  got its workers keen on its making! And thus it’s existence has so lot to say! 

The Red Velvet Coat is a meticulous one made with a velvet fabric inclusive of a peculiar inexplicable  sheen in it, red in color, it has a notch collar, the closure is pretty unique, it has a belt closure which  looks extremely elegant! Sleeves have open hem cuffs. Inner lining is viscose, pretty comfortable! 

I hope by now, you must have made a special corner in your closet for this coat, because it is such a  gem! That too worn by Nicole, a brilliant star, who already got this coat much fame, that if you are seen  wearing this amidst a crowd, you are likely to be mistaken for Nicole! Or would as much gain enough  attention! 


We hope for the best for you and that you look extremely ravishing, so we got just the items for you to  perfectly upgrade your wardrobe! These chilly winters will definitely not do without long coats, which  are always into fashion! And velvet, is the heart of everyone’s eye. Make sure to get yourself this art  piece before it runs out!