No Time To Die – What’s All The Hype About?

James Bond fan club over here! Now that you are already looking forward to the new installment, No Time To Die, in the James Bond film series. We are here to discuss some exciting stuff about the movie while we wait for it to bless our screens.

Though it is true that the movie has been delayed for the third time in a row, the new poster for James Bong-helmed flick shows that the studio aims to stick to their decision of releasing the movie on the adjusted date. The poster shows the newest date for the film release after it was postponed back in January. Also, it is said that there would be no further delays. Finally, No Time To Die is set to release officially almost two years after its initial release date. *Phew*

As a fan, we can understand what you must be going through. Two years is a long wait, no? *sigh*

The movie had already taken a long time in its production process, and the confirmation came closely after multiple postponements. The movie was once set to premiere in November 2019; however, it was further delayed, and the new release date was set, which was in February 2020. In the same year, in April because the director and co-writer Danny Boyle left the movie following by his creative difference with his colleagues.

Nevertheless, things went smoothly with the film when Cary Fukunaga stepped in but unfortunately, the movie’s international premiere and the worldwide tour were canceled. It was because of the Coronavirus outbreak. MGM and Eon productions once again delayed the release until 12th November 2020. After so much wait, when fans were finally looking forward to watching the movie while they were practicing self-isolation and social distancing by staying at their homes, it started to become evident that the theatre industry would be much more affected by the deadly virus than everyone actually expected.

Once again, No Time To Die was set to release on a new date which was in April 2021 but later, it was also pushed to October 2021. Now, the movie is finally confirmed to be premiering on 8th October 2021, and the release date is set to 30th September 2021 in the United Kingdom.

The movie already has an amazing cast that we cannot wait to watch, delivering stunning performances in their fancy attire. One of the best actors this movie is featuring is, of course, James Bond. He is a legend, and no one could ever deny how efficient he is in playing different roles.

Now that the move is finally going to hit our TV screens, we are excited to share with you the amazing jackets and coats that the legendry actor Daniel Craig has worn while delivering one of his finest performances.

No Time To Die James Bond Grey Suit

This grey suit is inspired by the James Bond Glen Check Grey Suit that he has worn in No Time To Die. The movie is the twenty-fifth installment of the popular James Bond franchise. Daniel Craig has been featured in this movie as James Bond. After five years of what happened in Spectre, James Bond finally leaves the active service, but he gets recruited by Felix Leiter. Now Bond has returned to his active service. He is now on a mission to find a scientist who has been missing. Later, he finds out the scientist was kidnapped, and soon after that; he faces the real enemy, Safin.

The exterior of this grey suit is made up of cotton, while the inner is lining is made from viscose. Both the fabrics are picked while keeping in mind the comfort of the suit’s wearers. Moreover, the embroidered checkered design makes the suit pretty attractive. We love everything about James Bond Grey Suit as the design is new and appears graceful when you wear it.

IN addition to that, it features buttoned cuffs along with front button closure. The peak lapel collar boosts its style and does justice to the price tag.

No Time To Die James Bond Blue Sweater

Daniel Craig has already gained a huge fan following just because of the outfits he wears not only in No Time To Die but in other movies as well. In the movie, Daniel ditched his suits at times too, and he will be seen wearing the James Bond Blue Sweater. The movie poster for No Time To Die also featured Daniel in his blue Sweater of James Bond.

Here is a little backstory: the sweater was originally designed by N.Peal, especially for James Bond’s role in No Time To Die. You can see the fine ribbing and attention-grabbing patches of canvas on the sweater’s shoulder, cuffs, and elbows. The sweater’s neck has been kept in sync with the maritime clothing. This is specially designed to reflect James Bond’s association with the Royal Navy. The sweater was designed and manufactured by N Peal in collaboration with the costume designer of Suttirat Anne Larlarb. This unisex No Time To Die blue sweater is made of 10 percent cashmere and 90 percent Merino wool.

James Bond No Time To Die Blue Tuxedo

The outer layer of the James Bond Tuxedo is made from pure wool of blue color, whereas the inner lining is made from viscose which is soft and offers maximum comfort. If you want to achieve a stunning yet casual look, No Time To Die James Bond Blue Tuxedo is the perfect choice to go for. The Tuxedo is unique because of its design, as it has a front button closure which is the new fashion trend nowadays. Moreover, it features full-length sleeves and buttoned cuffs.

The Tuxedo’s fine stitching offers the desired fitting. Moreover, you get a good number of pockets, i.e., one chest pocket, two waist pockets, and also two inside pockets, which not only adds an element of usefulness but also makes the tuxedo unique. The most visible and attractive feature of this tuxedo is its quilted style collar which adds decency to it.


No Time To Die James Bond Brown Suit

James Bond, in the movie No Time To Die rocks all the outfits he is wearing. One of them is the James Bond Brown Suit that has already captured the attention of men who are more into decent and appealing suits.

We recently updated our collection, and we are happy to tell you that the James Bond Matera Brown Suit is now a part of our collection. Let’s have a closer look at it.

James Bond No Time To Die Brown Matera Suit is made up of corduroy material and has a viscose inner lining. Moreover, the front button closure keeps its appearance simple. In addition to that, the Daniel Craig No Time To Die Brown Suit features two inners, one chest pocket, and two waist pockets. Not just that, but the suit also has full-length sleeves along with buttoned cuffs. The trouser has a perfectly straight cut style along with two slant pockets on either side.

If you wish to buy any of these items, do it right away before they run out of stock or the sale ends. Now is the chance to update your wardrobe with decent yet appealing James Bond outfits.