Psssssssst! Any Falcon and The Winter Soldier fans here?

While you are fetching some popcorn and coke to binge on the most hyped mini TV series, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, we have got to share some exciting stuff with you!

Of course, we will talk about the show, its cast, and plot; however, we have an amazing range of jackets inspired by the characters of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier that are undoubtedly must-haves to level up your jacket collection.

The Falcon and The Winter Solider – All You Need To Know

The Marvel Studio is all set to launch yet another live-action Tv series, and people are already going crazy over the exciting trailer and amazing cast. This forthcoming series is only based on six episodes and was decided to be aired on Disney+ as the first show of Marvel Studio; however, things took a turn due to COVID-19, and that was where WandaVision came.

Similar to WandaVision, the series is taking place in the Avengers: Endgame’s aftermath; however, it revolves around the characters of Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackle) as they both are pushed to form a team in a buddy action-comedy.

Moreover, the series will treat viewers with the arrival of Sharon Carter of Emily VanCamp and Baron Zemo of Daniel Bruhl. As you know, both of these characters were cast in Captain America: Civil War.

Nevertheless, this time around, it is not just the story or the stars who are making the show worth watching; it is also their styling and fashion that have hooked viewers from the first look!

Here we will discuss some Falcon And The Winter Soldier Jackets that the characters have seen flaunting.

Falcon and Winter Soldier Batroc Leaper Purple Jacket

In the show, Batroc the Leaper, played by Georg St-Pierre, wore this purple colors jacket made up of high-quality cotton. The inner lining of the jacket is pure viscose and gives a smooth and silky touch to the jacket’s unique design that features full sleeves with trendy open hem cuffs. Moreover, the jacket’s shirt-like collar makes it a suitable option for most people. The jacket’s color is liked by men, mostly bikers, as they are already liking the royal purple shade that beautifies the Batroc Leaper jacket. Also, the front zip fastening makes it easy to wear at all times.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes Black Cotton Jacket

Of course, black works with every combination of shirt and pants, and the Bucky Barnes Jacket has just the right trendy element that can help you keep yourself warm as well as impress people around you with its stunning design.

Made from 100% cotton with inner viscose lining and collar of hooded style. Moreover, you will get an easy front zip closure coupled with full sleeves and open hem cuffs. Now in winters, you can pair up this Bucky Barnes black cotton jacket with a plain white t-shirt and blue ripped jeans to click the perfect outfit of the day picture.

Sam Wilson The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Jacket

Here is a must-have for all the fashion-minded folks! Sported by Sam Wilson in the upcoming TV series Falcon and The Winter Soldier, this cotton jacket has gained the attention of many people because of its color, design, and features. From a classic button closure to  buttoned cuffs and collar with a lapel style, Sam Wilson Jacket is all you need to buy for the coming winter season.

Pair the jacket with a light-colored shirt and dark blue denim to level up your appearance as you go out in winter with your friends. Let them ask about it and admire it  for the sake of uniqueness! 

Sebastian Stan The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Leather Jacket

Falcon and the Winter Soldier has offered the audience upgraded fashion outerwear as the stars are filmed wearing unique style jackets in stunning colors and designs. Sebastian Stan Jacket remains in the top three most hyped jackets of the TV series as the Bucky Barnes, also known as the Winter Soldier. The jacket is fabricated from pure cotton and soft viscose for its lining. The charming blue color has impressed viewers as the stand-up collar. Full sleeves and front zipper closure made it the perfect choice for easy and comfortable wearing. The jacket not only enhances your overall look but also goes with all outfits, so you don’t have to be cautious when pairing it up with your favorite shirts. Also, the jacket features three pockets on the outside, including one upper pocket and two waist side pockets with zip closure.

If you are already a fan, don’t wait and pick your favorite character’s jacket today! Flaunt all you want with the above-mentioned trendy outerwear and make a fashion statement this winter!