Hey, there Yellowstone fans! It is time to learn everything you need to know about your favorite TV show Yellowstone. Now that we have seen a dramatic and twisted ending of season three, let's get ready for the upcoming season four.

What Is Yellowstone?

Yellowstone is a famous American series that is co-produced by Taylor Sheridan, who also created Hell or High Water and Sicario. The series features a story of Montana stars John Dutton played by Kevin Costner. He is a sixth-generation Dutton family patriarch who is shown to be overseeing tons of land and a massive ranch close to the national park and native reservations.

Drama story is a praiseworthy family saga that focuses on various political machinations involved to keep the family of Duttons on the top.

Different members of the Dutton family are populating John’s ranch, and due to which matters are getting complex. The youngest son of John, Kayce Dutton, played by charming Luke Grimes, is a former Navy SEAL. He marries a Native American woman named Monica. Things get complicated between John Dutton and nearby native Americans. John’s son and Kayce’s brother, Jamie, played by Wes Bently, is a politician and an attorney. He helps John to control Montana’s socio-political situation. Another sibling of Kayce and Jamie, John’s daughter, Beth, played by Kelly Reilly, is a financier and has serious substance abuse issues.

Seasons Of Yellowstone

Currently, there are three seasons of Yellowstone. But the Paramount Network has announced the fourth season already. Season one of Yellowstone has been directed and written by the creator Taylor Sheridan. He also wrote Season three.

Is Yellowstone Streaming?

All three seasons of Yellowstone are available on Amazon prime and various other channels. Fans can easily watch their favorite characters performing at their best from the comfort of their homes at any time.

Yellowstone Season 4  Premiere

Before the arrival of season three, Paramount Network announced that it had already ordered a fourth season of the hit western drama. Filming was originally supposed to begin in June but was inevitably postponed due to a global epidemic.

Production finally started at the end of August, but the delay had to be added to the script. Taylor Sheridan, the show's co-creator and writer, delayed writing the season's final episodes to see if the weather at Montana Ranch, which serves as Dutton's fictional property, and the location for the filming season 4 changes. "I want to know if we'll be there in November and December because if we are, I'll have to write the snow in history," he told Deadline in July.

Chef Joseph Ranch confirmed via Instagram that Shoot Season 4 is over in November 2020, and the show is set to return in June 2021. However, Paramount Network has not officially confirmed the date yet. However, former seasons have also made their debut in June. This fact makes this summer even more exciting.

What Is The Release Date For Yellowstone Season 4?

There have been no announcements regarding the release date of Yellowstone season four. However, the official Instagram page for Yellowstone confirms that the filming for season four has been completed, and it is most likely to arrive in June 2021.

Fans are already excited to see what season four will bring. Though the cast has been secretive about the coming twists, the fans of the Dutton family are already predicting this season to be the last one.

Yellowstone Season 4 Cast

The finale of season three left viewers hooked to it. Fans are curious to know which of their favorite characters will survive to be featured in the next season. Season three was indeed filled with exciting and deadly cliffhangers.

In December, executive producer and star Kevin Costner further upset fans during an interview with Good Day New York when he was asked about his character, the legendry John Dutton’s fate. He said, "I can't say. There's an ending that you're, see; hopefully, it’s a powerful one for you." Adding that "Just try to enjoy it right up to the end if you can."

Soon after the interview went air, fans predicted that Costner would exit the show upcoming season 4. Many were quick to assume that the Yellowstone star was unhappy because the show’s shoot routine was keeping him away from his family. However, Costner’s representative cleared the air by telling Gossip Cop that all of these rumors are untrue. Also, a picture from Costner’s Instagram, uploaded in October’ shows that he was present on the set of Yellowstone season 4. Fans were happy to find out that he present-day stay for the next season after giving an excellent performance in season 3.

Nevertheless, the remaining siblings of the Dutton family played by Kelly Reilly (Beth), Luke Grimes (Kayce), Wes Bently (Jamie), and the rest of the core characters such as Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) and Monica (Kelsey Asbille) are most likely to appear in season four of Yellowstone.

As far as the newcomers of season three are concerned, such as Karen Pittman (Wills Hays) and Josh Holloway (Roarke Morris), we can only guess with our fingers crossed.

Behind the scenes, Sheridan is getting back to writing and directing, so if the characters spend more time on the ranch in the upcoming season, fans can still expect the same style and quality they loved from the show.

What will happen in Yellowstone season 4?

It is quite hard to predict what is to come in the most anticipated season 4 of everyone's favorite TV series Yellowstone.

However, we can completely predict the Dutton family getting into messier stuff and facing more conflicts as they plan to expand their ranch. Fans are hoping to see Duttons as rulers of Montana but let's not get our hopes high because who knows what will happen?

The main question is whether or not Beth and John will survive. John was shot, and Beth’s office was firebombed at the end of season three.

Is it time for some more family drama, or is it going to be an unexpected goodbye?

We can only wait. After all, the drama has kept everyone hooked from the first season.


Will Yellowstone Season 4 Be The Last Season?

According to the information, there is no discussion about another season after season four yet. However, there have been no final words about season four being the last season of the famous American drama. Considering the fact that Yellowstone continues to achieve good ratings for the Paramount Network, it can be said the show will go on for a few more seasons.

Is The Show Getting A Prequal?

Paramount+ released a teaser trailer in order to announce a spinoff that will be a prequel of Yellowstone names Y:1883. The show will feature the lives of the Dutton family in the late nineteenth century and how they moved westward in order to establish their lives in Montana. However, there has been no announcement as to what will be the release date of the show, but it is expected to premiere in 2021.

If you are a true Yellowstone fan, stay with us to hear more exciting news about our favorite show. Meanwhile, you can shop for Yellowstone Season Four Jackets and complete your look by giving it a more trendy look.