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Kingsman Eggsy Double Breasted Suit

Kingsman Eggsy Double Breasted Suit
Kingsman Eggsy Double Breasted Suit
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Kingsman Eggsy Double Breasted Suit
Kingsman Eggsy Double Breasted Suit
Kingsman Eggsy Double Breasted Suit
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Kingsman The Golden Circle Taron Egerton Eggsy Pinstripe Double Breasted Suit

This Eggsy double-breasted suit mimics the one worn by Eggsy in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. In the film, eggsy officially joined the ace member after the events of the previous film. She is also related to Princess Tilda. When Charlie Husky attacked Agus, he fled from him, but Kingsman's headquarters was destroyed. Eggsy discovered that everyone was dead except Merlin, the only survivor of the attack. According to the agreement, eggsy reaches the politician, where he finds that Harry is still alive but suffering from amnesia. At the carnival, eggsy also put on a tracker for Clara. He also threatened to shoot the dog to heal Harry. After being threatened, Poppy Eggsy tracked her to the Golden Circle in Italy and then went there with Whiskey and Harry. Although a bottle of antidote was found, the Whiskey accidentally broke it. When Harry shot the Whiskey, eggsy brought him back to life. After learning that Bobby was down, eggsy left with Harry and Merlin. In addition, Merlin sacrificed himself when eggsy accidentally stepped on a landmine. Angry, Harry and Harry entered the building together and killed all the guards. He later poisoned Poppy to obtain the password. When Whiskey revealed his plans, eggsy put him in the meat grinder—married to Princess Tilda. Talen Egerton played the role of eggsy.

This beautiful Kingsman, The Golden Circle, eggsy blue suit is inspired by The Kingsman Merchandise, a classic spy outfit for formal wear. The Eggsy the Golden circle Suit is made of high-quality and durable cotton fabric. These include V-neck, cuff hem, pinstripe design, and double-breasted front button. The Eggsy suit will give a distinctive look, and you can wear it as formal dressing…hurry and grab it now!


  • Material: Cotton Fabric
  • Inner: Viscose Lining
  • Closure:  Double Breasted Button Corsage
  • Collar: Notch Collar
  • Cuffs:  Button Cuffs
  • Color: Blue


  •  Style: Narrow Style
  •  Pockets: Two Side Pockets and Two Back Pocket

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